Monday, September 1, 2008

what I smell like....

Vanilla. I try other scents but I keep coming back to you. I've been wearing Comptoir Sud Pacifique vanillas for probably ten years now. I still have my first bottle that used to come in the most beautiful aqua colored frosted glass. Sadly they're now all bottled in aluminum...not quite as eye catching. But no matter. I'm still in love with all of their vanillas. Today I bought Vanille Peach and I'm crazy about it. I used to be hooked on Vanille Abricot (still am), but there's something about this vanilla peach combo. It smells like a warm peach cobbler, my favorite dessert. This is how it's described: "Notes of Peach Juice, Hibiscus, Vanilla Cream, Tahitian Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Coconut Milk, Musk. Style: Innocent. Sexy. Delicious."

The only other perfume that rivals my love for these sumptuous vanillas is...Chanel No. 5. There's a new version out called Eau Premiere. It's lighter and fresher. I have to have it! Soon!

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