Sunday, November 9, 2008

One weekend

I can't believe the weekend is practically over. Sigh.

It's 9:32pm and as soon as I'm through writing this entry I'll be getting ready to hit the hay. I've been waking up early since the time change and I'd like to keep it that way if I can. I'm not a big fan of rolling out of bed to go to work while I'm groggy from not enough sleep.

This was a great weekend. Beautiful weather for walking, and that's exactly what we did. Andrew and I walked around East Austin and visited Big Red Sun on Saturday afternoon. We picked up Faron and strolled by Fiesta Gardens where there was a carnival given by the Deaf School. Today we went hiking at the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve which was amazing, I think it's my new favorite place. I went through a ton of paperwork today and started to get semi-organized (ha!)

Still lots to do.

Andrew is calling me to bed so off I go....

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