Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time is on my side (yes it is)

Another year just about over, and boy has it been an eventful one. Andrew and I came back from the brink of almost bankruptsy and losing the house, to creating not one but two cool vrbos out of our property that pays for our mortgage. Andrew completed his documentary, we screened it, got some sincere interest in helping us distribute it grassroots. And so the future looks bright for "Happiness Is". I got a full time job, mostly for the benefits. But not before I had to go to the ER and get an MRI, but thank God I'm fine. Got a nice hospital bill now, but I'm fine. Meanwhile Andrew got a directing gig on a high school football doc just long enough to solidify our finances, and then it went away just as the recession hit. But then we got engaged, set a date, then as of about 2 weeks ago we both decided to push it back (from February 28 to November 7, 2009). It was too much of a strain to try and do it in only 5 months. So now the ceremony in Terlingua will be in November. We may elope in the meantime, because I really should put Andrew on my insurance--he needs his voice repaired. And also while we're not actively trying for a baby at the moment we would certainly welcome one. We went from two dogs to three with my little viscious Stella Bella. She bit the shit out of my finger but she's still my baby. I contemplate calling Cesar Millan from time to time, I admit it. Let's see...what else? My baby sister got married in February 2008 and now we're only a few weeks away from meeting little Jackson. Time flies. So now we have lots of high hopes for 2009. But I have to say I'm oh so grateful for just getting through 2008.

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