Sunday, January 4, 2009

me posterize

me posterize, originally uploaded by mychinarose.

It's a chilly windy day here in Austin. Andrew is taking photos of a group of teen rappers in the studio next to me. I can hear waves of their music bounce through the walls. I'm sipping tea with vanilla soy milk and playing with photoshop. This photo I'm posting is one smiling photo of me that I don't hate (I think I'm really photogenically-challenged in the smiling department), but I thought I'd play with the colors a bit. I love vintage paint-by-numbers and am toying with making new art that looks like really old paint-by-numbers. I bought a few recently off of ebay to help me get inspired! I want to draw out the lines and then sell kits that people can use to re-paint the photo themselves.

Where does the day go? Got up pretty early this morning but now it's already gonna be 5 o'clock! I'm dreading the workweek ahead. I'm waaay not into my day job right now. It's going to be a challenge to get motivated.

In the meantime, Andrew and I are starting work on our screenplay. I thought it would be a good idea for us to set up a separate blog where we can upload ideas, photos, sample dialogue, backstories, etc. It can be a living, breathing rendition of the film as the story unfolds. And it'll be a way for us to communicate with each other during the day while I'm occupied with other things....

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